Lesson 1 


Make the best choice for your life by applying knowledge, experience, understanding, and insight.


Character Trait: Wisdom

Wisdom is needed for an individual to enjoy a full and healthy life.  Wisdom is essential for making wise decisions. Students must be able to weigh risks and consequences when making choices.  Commitment is also essential during the decision-making process.  When a student is able to identify potential consequences involved with a choice, he or she needs to recognize the level of commitment that come with his or her decision.  Understanding what commitment means and how it affects one’s life can help students make healthy, positive choices.


Through an interactive introduction to the concept of commitment, students will understand how the choices they make now can affect the rest of their lives.11  Students will take part in a group activity designed to engage the class in discussing what commitment means, what it takes, and what the consequences of breaking a commitment could be.   

Students will: 

  • Define “commitment” and “levels of commitment” 

  • Discuss the effects of breaking a commitment 

  • Understand the specific national and state laws related to sexual activity, marriage, divorce, and child support