Lesson 2 


Why most teens choose to wait until marriage to have sexual activity.


Character Trait: Awareness
Awareness that most teens choose to wait until marriage to become involved in sexual activity establishes the norm for school aged youth and can help students with their decision to avoid other risk.  Students should become aware of the risks and consequences of premature sexual activity and one’s future marriage relationship. 


Students will become aware of what they could potentially bring to a marriage relationship through activities and student-led discussion.  Students will learn statistics related to how divorce, cohabitation, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases can affect a marriage.  Students will also learn how avoiding sexual risks increases one’s chances of having an optimal health for life and a successful, lasting marriage with the benefits of such a relationship. Students will gain an understanding that a commitment to their friends (possible future marriage partner) and having values for them to take into their relationships shows respect and caring.  

Students will: 

  • Discuss the risks that come with premature sexual activity

  • Learn the benefits of avoiding sexual activity until establishing a mutually monogamous relationship, usually called ‘marriage’ 

  • Discuss secondary virginity (ceasing sexually risky behaviors until ‘marriage’)  

  • Understand the research facts showing how a healthy and lasting marriage can positively affect their lives