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Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Lesson 4 


Remain in control of your decisions by avoiding drugs and alcohol.


Self control is compromised when one is under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  As a result, an individual’s ability to make decisions is impaired. It’s important to understand that substance abuse affects an entire person – brain, body, and emotions. When a person chooses to remain in control by avoiding drugs and alcohol, they are protecting themselves, and also protecting their relationships with the people in their lives. 


Students will:

  1. Review how substance use affects decision making ability

  2. Understand varying risks of substance abuse and addiction due to family history

  3. Learn the difference between substance use, substance abuse, and addiction

  4. Understand how one can quickly move from substance use to addiction

  5. Carry the concept of addiction over from drugs to other behaviors, such as pornography

  6. Understand the damage that addiction causes in relationships

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