Lesson 2 


Most teens choose to wait until marriage to have sexual activity.  


Character Trait: Awareness​​​

Awareness is knowing the true facts that are important for one to have a healthy & realistic view of the world around oneself.


Through class activities and discussions students will realize the truth about research based sexual activity among their peers with medically accurate facts, statistics and research results. Students will discuss the psychological, emotional, social, financial, and educational consequences of sexual activity, and how their future marriages and children may be affected. Discussions will include the influences of the media and our culture that lead us to believe the myth that sexual activity is the norm for teens. The message “most teens are choosing not to have sex”[1] is emphasized.

Students will:

  • Define "awareness" 

  • Understand the facts of why teens have said they have chosen to wait until marriage

  • Understand the reasons why teens say they had sex for the first time

  • Identify the physical, social, and emotional risks of becoming sexually active

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how becoming sexually active before marriage affects current relationships with friends and family and how it can result in pregnancy and bearing children whose future and that of the student’s, will most likely be jeopardized.

  • Discuss social media influences and the consequences of misuse of the internet