Lesson 1


Make the best choices for your life by applying knowledge, experience, understanding and insight.


Character Trait: Wisdom 

I need wisdom in order to make the best choices for my life.  I need to know the difference between instinct, which animals use to survive, and using choice, which I can use wisely to live a healthy and productive life.   


Wisdom is essential to living a healthy and productive life. Wisdom involves looking at the uniqueness of human choice versus animal instinct. Wisdom involves looking beyond oneself for direction, advice, and insight. This lesson is an introduction to the goal of the lesson series:  to assist the learner in making the best decisions for themselves, by increasing their common sense, good judgment, and knowledge, and to bring a clearer understanding of their place in their community.

Students will: 

  • Be introduced to the 7 lessons of the series 

  • Define the difference between “driven by instinct” and “using choice” (i.e., animal and human behavior). 

  • Realize that humans make choices constantly, and that choices can be made with responsibility and knowledge 

  • Define human wisdom and the character trait: responsibility 

  • Be introduced to the Bucket of Wisdom