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Lesson 3


Healthy friendships build you up by encouraging positive behavior.



Character Trait: Friendship

I will choose good people for friends.  Understanding that friendship is a two-way street and that in order to have a friend I need to be a friend will help me as I form relationships during my adolescent and teen years.


Students will identify what qualities are most important to them in a friendship, in family relationships, in a romantic relationship, and in a marriage relationship.  Students will understand that it is important to have a strong foundation built of trust and shared values in order to have long-lasting successful relationships, including their future marriage.  Students will briefly discuss the reality of divorce, while keeping the focus of the lesson on the positive attributes of a lasting marriage relationship.


Students will: 

  • Discover what qualities are most important to them in a future spouse 

  • Understand the importance of establishing a strong foundation in relationships 

  • Briefly discuss divorce 

  • Understand how avoiding the risk of premature pregnancy and STDs by practicing abstinence can secure a better marriage and help to build a stronger foundation for great relationships