Series 1

Lesson 7

Choose Excellence

Strive for excellence in all you do, think, and say. Be a positive influence for your peers.


Character Trait: Excellence

I need to know what excellence means in my life.  I need to have goals, dreams, and ambitions to go after.  I need to have positive peer role models to look up to, and to become a positive role model for the future. 


Peer presenters challenge youth to resist peer pressures and to choose to abstain from the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. With their personal messages that “we are striving for excellence,” the peer presenters are able to make a difference for the participants of the classes.

Students will: 

  • Review the previous lessons emphasizing their positive decisions learned 

  • Understand how to be a role model for their peers 

  • Identify ways to set goals and achieve them 

  • Identify what or who influences my decisions