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 Thursday, Sept. 21, 6:00 – 8:30pm, the Hotel Kirkwood Center

Please print and fill form, scan all, attach to mail@equippingyouth.org or  mail to Equipping Youth, PO Box 1175, Cedar Rapids, 52406.  

Reserve Tickets:  # 0f tickets  ______      (reservation complete  upon payment of $25 per ticket sent to Equipping Youth)

Name: _________________________   Address _______________________________________________

Phone: _________________________  E-mail ________________________________________________

Look below for details to help us with this fundraiser!  Check items indicating how you will help.

____Host a table — fill your table of eight (8) Tickets for reservations are $25 each places,

____Sponsor the evening; a donation of $_______, Memo your check with “sponsor”

____Volunteers are needed to assist

You may call 319-861-2747 with your information and to indicate your desire to help or to reserve seats. We will send additional information immediately.

Please print and fill above form, scan all, attach to mail@equippingyouth.org or mail to Equipping Youth, PO Box 1175, Cedar Rapids, 52406.  

Please join us even though you may not be able to help us with this event.            Make reservations by sending the amount of the ticket with the above information form for each reservation, indicating your entrée choices of Pork, Chicken or Vegetarian /Gluten Free. Please come to the event to hear how Powerful Choices is positively changing the future of our community’s youth.

Sponsor Information for Fundraising Banquet, September 21, 2017

We love that you are joining us with this important event? We will promote you or your business as sponsors by including you in our publicity of this event and in the program that is placed on each table the evening of the event.

Please send us your Name and/or Logo as you wish to have them on our banquet information and ads. Respond with additional information quickly so we can include your information in all of the event materials.

Please share this information with friends who may also wish to join as sponsors of this event. It will be great to have you as our partner in our work for the youth of our community. Our goal is to raise enough funds to be able to hire a full time Education Director and assisting staff. Browse throughout this website for more details of our work with the youth and their families of Eastern Iowa.

Table Host Information for Fundraising Banquet, September 21, 2017

You are a blessing to us! Table Hosts will make such a great difference for our banquet fundraiser. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor to raise enough funds to salary a full time Education Director and assisting staff.

Some things you need to know until we send you the hosting forms:

  1. Please make sure your guests know the date, time, and place. The attire for the evening is casual dress. The salads are served at 6:00 pm; however the dinner begins promptly at 6:30 pm.
  2. This is an adult-only event! If you have difficulty in obtaining enough guests to fill your table, let us know so we may place additional guests with you. You may also choose to fill more than one table if you wish.
  3. Make certain that your guests understand there will be an appeal for contributions beyond the price of the ticket for the meal. Let them know that our goal is to salary our full time Education Director.
  4. Each ticket is $25 and must be paid in advance to secure reservations. Please collect and submit the payments for your table’s guests along with your completed *Guest Forms as soon as possible; the deadline for submission is September 11. The time for the registration process is greatly reduced with the tickets paid in advance.

*The Guest Form includes choices of the menu’s entrees for the evening. It will be emailed to you when you send the above form or call or email that you wish to be a host for a table. If you have any questions, please call us at (319) 861-2747 leaving a message if we are out.