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Series 1

Powerful Choices Series 1 is recommended for grades 4, 5 or 6.
Through a series of 7 lessons, students will focus on developing healthy relationships by learning effective decision-making skills and basic character education.
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Series 2

Powerful Choices Series 2 is recommended for grades 7, 8 or 9.
This 10 lesson series lays the foundation for making healthy decisions about alcohol, drugs and sexual activity. Students acquire assertiveness and goal-setting skills, along with medically-accurate information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
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Series 3

Powerful Choices Series 3 is recommended for grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
The 10 lessons of Series 3 builds upon the lessons taught in Series 2. Students learn to recognize high-risk situations involved with dating, alcohol and drugs. They develop plans for positive futures by setting personal goals and boundaries in their lives.
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What Teachers Are Saying:

Barb Peterson“Powerful Choices is a fabulous program! It is an engaging curriculum that is popular with both students and their parents. It uses an active learning style that makes the lessons meaningful and memorable for students. Connecting with today’s youth can be challenging and this curriculum certainly accomplishes making the connection!”
Barb Peterson — Harding Middle School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Tony Campbell“I liked Powerful Choices for my students because it’s good information, practical, and they can apply it immediately to their lives. I liked how each lesson was broken down with a hands-on activity or game. I really like having it in my classroom.”
Tony Campbell — Wilson Middle School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

What Students Are Saying:

“Powerful Choices! Wow. When I first started this unit in Wellness I was like, ‘Alright, you can get through this.’ But after the weeks of going through it I realize what a tremendous change it has done for me! I learned that abstinence is the path you want to take in life. Also drugs and alcohol are very dangerous and shouldn’t be messed with!… I learned the way to succeed in life— by wisdom and ambition and excellence and all those wonderful traits. Powerful Choices is definitely something I will use later in life!” – 7th grade student journal

“What I liked about Powerful Choices is the idea that we do have the power to choose. No one can stand in our way!” – 8th grade student

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