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The commitment to abstinence-until-marriage gives you freedom to enjoy a healthy future.


Commitment is necessary to be successful at anything, whether it is in school, at a job, at a sport, or in a relationship. As students start to make decisions that can affect their future, they learn to understand that being committed to something is valuable. Breaking one’s commitment, however, can have negative consequences. Learning what one needs to feel valued and appreciated is an important part of commitment, and can help students understand how to do the same for others.


Students will discuss what commitment means, how to stay committed, and the benefits of commitment.

Students will:

  • Revisit brain development and oxytocin
  • Learn about the Five Love Languages
  • Understand how to apply commitment in their lives


  • Student-led review of Wisdom Bucket and previous lessons
  • Group demonstration: Pair Bonding
  • Group activity: Love Languages
  • Abstinence Pledge cards
  • Evaluations