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Strive for excellence in all you do, think, and say. Be a positive influence for your peers.


Excellence is about choosing to be the best one can be in all situations. By choosing excellence, students can not only help ensure their own best life outcomes, but can help influence their peers to make the best choices for their lives, as well. Students must understand that not everything in their lives is going to be easy or go the way they want, but choosing excellence will help them overcome obstacles and barriers to their goals.


Engaging in an interactive activity, students will understand that even while things outside of their control can affect their lives, it is still possible to achieve excellence.

Students will:

  • Learn how their choices can affect the lives of others
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles in their lives
  • Understand how to make difficult decisions


  • Review of previous lessons and posters
  • Group activity: Making Choices
  • Worksheet for homework