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Courage is necessary when being assertive–Stand up for yourself and defend your beliefs!


Courage becomes more important as students start to identify who they are and what they want for their lives. Today’s children are subjected to many outside influences–magazines, television, movies, internet, peers, etc. It can become difficult for youth  to distinguish between positive and negative influences. Having courage means being assertive and standing up for your beliefs.


Through an interactive talk-show-like setting, students will learn to identify potential sexual con games, and how to resist them. Students will understand the benefits of being assertive while resisting pressure. Students will learn not only how to resist con games, but how to recognize if they have been a con themselves, and how to break free from that cycle.

Students will:

  • Learn to identify five sexual con games
  • Understand how to resist sexual pressures
  • Learn how to identify qualities in themselves that they may want to change


  • Review of previous lessons and posters
  • Group discussion: Five Sexual Con Games
  • Group activity: Talk Show
  • Worksheet for homework