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Have a purpose, set a goal, aim high, be eager for your future, and plan to make your goals come true.


Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something. It’s fueled by knowing what you value and what to do to get it. Our ambitions help us seek people with similar values to help us build strong foundations for success in our relationships.


Students will define ambition and brainstorm ways we use it in our lives. In regards to personal relationships students will learn the concept of investing into other people the same positive qualities we wish to have returned from them in our relationships. Examples include time, trust, honesty and respect.

Students will:

  • Connect ambition in education, career, etc. to the same type of goal-setting in relationships
  • Understand the concept of making investments — putting effort in, expecting to receive a return
  • Understand that when we invest/deposit positive qualities into relationships with other people, we are more likely to receive the same back in return.
  • Identify the benefits of investing into relationships, “depositing” positive things into someone, and the harm done by “withdrawing” negative things from them.


  • Review  previous lessons and posters
  • Group activity: Relationship Values Auction
  • Introduction of the “Love Bank,” an illustration of how we invest into a relationship with another person, making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Discuss the possibility of becoming overdrawn and bankrupt when relationships don’t have mutual investment by both parties, and the damage that does to one in the present and in future relationships.
  • Investments/Returns worksheet