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Wisdom BucketWisdom — I need wisdom in order to make the best choices for my life. I need to know the difference between instinct, which animals use to survive, and using choice, which I can use wisely to live a healthy, productive life.

Students will:

  • Be introduced to the 6 lessons of the series
  • Define the difference between ‘driven by instinct’ and ‘using choice’; i.e., animal and human behavior
  • Realize that humans make choices constantly, and that choices can be made with responsibility and knowledge
  • Define human wisdom and the character trait: responsibility
  • Be introduced to the Bucket of Wisdom


  • Discuss the course outline
  • Introduce the Bucket of Wisdom
  • Discuss and define choice and consequences
  • Group Activity — Filling Our Basic Needs – differentiate between human and animal reactions to filling the four basic needs: shelter/clothing, food, water, and oxygen
  • Small group report — Instinct versus Choice
  • Discussion defining responsibility
  • Differentiating between animal reproduction and human procreation
  • Directions on sharing the take home sheet with parents
  • Instructions about the parent letter