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KnowledgeKnowledge–I need to have knowledge about how to avoid the consequences of negative risk taking. Having knowledge of the ways to escape drugs, alcohol, and premature sexual activity will help me make the best choices possible.

Students will:

  • Be encouraged to list the consequences of harmful activity
  • Define media influence and media grooming of youth
  • Realize that even though negative choices of the past cannot be changed, they can choose to stop and with determination and help, break habits they’ve started now before a lifelong habit is formed
  • Further define human choice and the character trait, self-control


  • Review the past lessons
  • Share insights from their parents from the worksheets
  • Large group activity — Caught in the Web
  • Discuss and define choices and consequences
  • Group Activity — Wrapped Up — demonstrating the bondage of continuing to do risk behavior
  • Small group report — A Web of Circumstances
  • Discussion defining self-control and avoiding the negative consequences
  • Directions on sharing the take home sheet with parents