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Courage– I need to have courage in order to stand up for myself and be assertive. Recognizing that in order to grow, courage needs to be exercised like a muscle is important. This will help me identify situations in which I will need to use courage to make the best choices for my life.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lesson
  • Brainstorm what makes a person courageous
  • Discuss different situations in which courage may be used
  • Become aware of how wisdom, knowledge, and friendship are used when developing courage
  • Identify a specific situation in which each student will personally need to exercise courage
  • Make a contract with him/herself to exercise courage in the near future


  • Review of previous lessons
  • Share parent reaction to Choose Knowledge worksheet
  • Large group activity–Courageous People
  • Small group demonstration–Chair Lift
  • Group work–Courageous Scenarios
  • Worksheet–How Can I Use Courage?
  • Directions on completing a contract with oneself
  • Directions on sharing contract and take home sheet with parents