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BoundariesBoundaries – I need boundaries in my life to keep me safe and help me reach my goals. I need to understand the boundaries set for me by others, as well as know how to set my own boundaries for my life.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lessons
  • Define and discuss different types of boundaries
  • Understand the need for physical, personal, and emotional boundaries
  • Learn to identify what amount of information is appropriate for different groups of people (family and friends, acquaintances, etc.)
  • Discuss the harmful effects of bullying
  • Learn to set boundaries for their lives


  • Review the Wisdom Bucket and its objects
  • Class discussion of different types of boundaries
  • Large group activity–Boundaries Bull’s-Eye
  • Individual worksheet–My Boundaries Bull’s-Eye
  • Group discussion–crossing your own boundaries, crossing other’s boundaries, and bullying
  • Directions for sharing take-home sheet with parents