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AwarenessAwareness of self worth — knowing who I am in relation to others in my family, school, and other groups helps me to choose what character traits I will work to develop further so I will be able to more fully enjoy family and friends throughout my life time.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lesson
  • Share and learn about their positive attributes
  • Define the difference between personality traits and character traits
  • Realize that each individual has both positive and negative characteristics
  • Realize that each individual has much to offer to the whole of a group, especially when tasks are needing to be accomplished
  • Define respect and acceptance


  • Review the Bucket of Wisdom and the differences between instinct and choice
  • Discuss the responses of their parents to the take home sheet
  • Small group activity — Putting Together the Puzzle
  • Discuss and define personality and character
  • Activity — Would You Rather — variances in human preferences
  • Small group report — Making Choices vs. Born With
  • Define respect
  • Directions on sharing the take home sheet with parents
  • Instructions about the parent letter