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Powerful Choices Series 1 is recommended for grades 4 thru 6.
Through a series of 7 lessons, students will focus on developing healthy relationships by learning effective decision-making skills and basic character education.








Wisdom — I need wisdom in order to make the best choices for my life. I need to know the difference between instinct, which animals use to survive, and using choice, which I can use wisely to live a healthy, productive life.

Students will:

  • Be introduced to the 6 lessons of the series
  • Define the difference between ‘driven by instinct’ and ‘using choice’; i.e., animal and human behavior
  • Realize that humans make choices constantly, and that choices can be made with responsibility and knowledge
  • Define human wisdom and the character trait: responsibility
  • Be introduced to the Bucket of Wisdom


  • Discuss the course outline
  • Introduce the Bucket of Wisdom
  • Discuss and define choice and consequences
  • Group Activity — Filling Our Basic Needs — differentiate between human and animal reactions to filling the four basic needs: shelter/clothing, food, water, and oxygen
  • Small group report —  Instinct versus Choice
  • Discussion defining responsibility
  • Differentiating between animal reproduction and human procreation
  • Directions on sharing the take home sheet with parents
  • Instructions about the parent letter

Awareness of self worth — knowing who I am in relation to others in my family, school, and other groups helps me to choose what character traits I will work to develop further so I will be able to more fully enjoy family and friends throughout my life time.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lesson
  • Share and learn about their positive attributes
  • Define the difference between personality traits and character traits
  • Realize that each individual has both positive and negative characteristics
  • Realize that each individual has much to offer to the whole of a group, especially when tasks are needing to be accomplished
  • Define respect and acceptance


  • Review the Bucket of Wisdom and the differences between instinct and choice
  • Discuss the responses of their parents to the take home sheet
  • Small group activity —  Putting Together the Puzzle
  • Discuss and define personality and character
  • Activity —  Would You Rather  — variances in human preferences
  • Small group report —  Making Choices vs. Born With
  • Define respect
  • Directions on sharing the take home sheet with parents
  • Instructions about the parent letter

FriendshipThe people I choose to surround myself with influence the decisions I make. Understanding that friendship is a two-way street and that in to have a friend I need to be a friend will help me as I form relationships during my adolescent and teen years.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lesson
  • Understand the dynamics of friendship as a two-way street
  • List characteristics of a positive friendship
  • Identify places to find friends with similar interests
  • Understand how to resolve common problems within a friendship


  • Review past lessons
  • Discuss the parent responses to the take home sheet
  • Group activity Raise Your Hand
  • Discuss friendship as a two-way street
  • Activity  Bent Out Of Shape
  • Directions on take home sheet with parents

Courage– I need to have courage in order to stand up for myself and be assertive. Recognizing that in order to grow, courage needs to be exercised like a muscle is important. This will help me identify situations in which I will need to use courage to make the best choices for my life.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lesson
  • Brainstorm what makes a person courageous
  • Discuss different situations in which courage may be used
  • Become aware of how wisdom, knowledge, and friendship are used when developing courage
  • Identify a specific situation in which each student will personally need to exercise courage
  • Make a contract with him/herself to exercise courage in the near future


  • Review of previous lessons
  • Share parent reaction to Choose Knowledge worksheet
  • Large group activity–Courageous People
  • Small group demonstration–Chair Lift
  • Group work–Courageous Scenarios
  • Worksheet–How Can I Use Courage?
  • Directions on completing a contract with oneself
  • Directions on sharing contract and take home sheet with parents

Knowledge–I need to have knowledge about how to avoid the consequences of negative risk taking. Having knowledge of the ways to escape drugs, alcohol, and premature sexual activity will help me make the best choices possible.

Students will:

  • Be encouraged to list the consequences of harmful activity
  • Define media influence and media grooming of youth
  • Realize that even though negative choices of the past cannot be changed,
    they can choose to stop and with determination and help, break habits they’ve started now
    before a lifelong habit is formed
  • Further define human choice and the character trait, self-control


  • Review the past lessons
  • Share insights from their parents from the worksheets
  • Large group activity — Caught in the Web
  • Discuss and define choices and consequences
  • Group Activity — Wrapped Up — demonstrating the bondage of continuing to do risk behavior
  • Small group report — A Web of Circumstances
  • Discussion defining self-control and avoiding the negative consequences
  • Directions on sharing the take home sheet with parents

Boundaries — I need boundaries in my life to keep me safe and help me reach my goals. I need to understand the boundaries set for me by others, as well as know how to set my own boundaries for my life.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lessons
  • Define and discuss different types of boundaries
  • Understand the need for physical, personal, and emotional boundaries
  • Learn to identify what amount of information is appropriate for different groups of people (family and friends, acquaintances, etc.)
  • Discuss the harmful effects of bullying
  • Learn to set boundaries for their lives


  • Review the Wisdom Bucket and its objects
  • Class discussion of different types of boundaries
  • Large group activity–Boundaries Bull’s-Eye
  • Individual worksheet–My Boundaries Bull’s-Eye
  • Group discussion–crossing your own boundaries, crossing other’s boundaries, and bullying
  • Directions for sharing take-home sheet with parents

Excellence–I need to know what excellence means in my life. I need to have goals, dreams, and ambitions to go after. I need to have positive peer role models to look up to, and to become a positive role model for the future.

Students will:

  • Review the previous lessons
  • Understand how to be a role model for their peers
  • Identify ways to set goals and achieve them


  • Personal testimonies from local teenagers who are living a life of sexual abstinence
  • Questions and answers with the peer presenters
  • Skits, games, and activities varying on the presenter