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Wisdom BucketMake the best choice for your life by applying knowledge, experience, understanding and insight.

Character Trait:

Wisdom is essential to living a healthy and productive life. Wisdom involves looking beyond oneself for direction, advice, and insight. Wisdom is acquired over time and becomes more necessary as the challenges and risks in life gain momentum. Before joining in any activity, one should consider the consequences on body, mind and heart (emotional well-being). You should also consider the possible positive and negative effects (consequences) of the action on yourself, family, friends, community, and your future goals. Stopping to look beyond the moment of immediate gratification before becoming involved in any activity, brings balance and a clearer understanding of “why am I getting involved?” in decision-making.


Through interactive discussion students define risk behavior and discuss decision-making. They discuss the possible results, both the negative and positive consequences, to be gained by decisions. The students learn that Abstinence: Powerful Choices will afford them opportunities to gain wisdom.

Students will:
  • Be introduced to the Abstinence: Powerful Choices series
  • Define risk behaviors and understand that they exist throughout life
  • Realize that for every choice there is a resulting consequence, negative and/or positive
  • Understand that choices are a responsibility, and the person who makes a choice must also be prepared for any resulting consequences
  • Define “wisdom”
Activities: (these include review of the previous lesson and this lesson’s poster)
  • Discuss course direction (take note of students’ comments and expectations)
  • Ice-breaker interaction: Would you rather?
  • Discuss “risk behaviors” and “choices & consequences”
  • Play High, Low, or No Risk picture game
  • Brainstorm about the meaning of wisdom
  • Discuss Making Cookies
  • Assignments