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Strive for excellence in all you do, think, and say. Be a positive influence for your peers.


Excellence is to understand the best and right thing to do in all circumstances and to make the best choices. It is also humility- the absence of pride and arrogance in knowing when one has failed to choose the best action and a willingness to make amends. Excellence is the use of self-discipline and self-control in keeping personal boundaries and achieving personal goals. By practicing excellence, you may become a role model to others, helping them to also make the best choices for their lives.


Peer presenters challenge youth to resist peer pressures and to choose abstinence from use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol and especially to choose abstinence-until-marriage. With their personal messages that “we are abstinent and striving for excellence,” the peer presenters are able to make a difference for the participants of the classes. (This lesson is best presented by a group of teens several years older than those in the class.)

Students will:

  • Experience how to be role models for their peers
  • Identify ways other teens remain abstinent from risk behavior, especially risky sexual activities
  • Define “excellence”

Activities: (these include review of the previous lesson and this lesson’s poster)

  • Personal testimonies from local teenagers who are living an abstinent lifestyle
  • Questions and answers with the peer presenters
  • Skits and games portraying ways to remain abstinent from high risk behaviors
  • Assignments