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Abstinence from sexual activity until marriage is the only sure way to prevent STDs.


Compassion involves understanding why someone else is experiencing physical or emotional pain and wanting to help them with that pain. A confidential friend will be compassionate by listening to another’s heartache, not passing judgment, and not telling others about it. For many people, sexual activity before marriage results in emotional pain, especially when the relationship ends. Emotional and physical pain may also result from catching a sexually transmitted disease. It’s important to have compassion for others while understanding that how to avoid the same pain by abstaining from sex before marriage. By practicing compassion, the importance of making and keeping boundaries can be shared with your friends who need to know.


By discussing the most common STDs, youth will gain an understanding of the emotional, psychological, and health risks of being sexually active. The students will receive medically accurate information and will be given an opportunity to discuss their concerns and questions. Students will understand the importance of maintaining personal sexual activity boundaries.

Students will:

  • Identify the most common STDs and their symptoms, possible consequences, and treatment
  • Understand how STDs are spread
  • Define “compassion”
  • Realize that abstinence is the only 100% effective method of avoiding an STD or pregnancy

Activities: (these include review of the previous lesson and this lesson’s poster)

  • It Won’t Happen to Me story
  • Dice Game to engage students in understanding the common STDs
  • It’s All About Al overhead
  • Question and answer session with the medical expert
  • Discuss Sexual Exposure Chart showing the rate of STD exposure with multiple partners
  • Assignments