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Remain in control of your decisions by avoiding drugs and alcohol.


Self-Control over one’s body and mind empowers the individual to achieve his or her goals. Self-control must often be exercised when pressured by peers to join them in using drugs and alcohol. Such substances affect your ability to make informed decisions about other risk behaviors, such as sexual activity. When in a difficult situation (under pressure to take part in high-risk activities), one should use self-control to:

  • Stop
  • Consider any potential consequences
  • Regain control of emotions
  • Act within previously set boundaries


Youth will learn the effects of alcohol and drug use on self-control and decision-making skills as related to sexual activity and other risk behavior.

Students will:

  • Understand how substance use affects decision-making ability
  • Understand how substance use affects personal boundaries
  • Understand how substance use can make it difficult to attain personal goals
  • Identify the connection between use of alcohol and sexual activity
  • Define “self-control”

Activities: (these include review of the previous lesson and this lesson’s poster)

  • Discuss Brain/body Disconnect, the effects of substance abuse on decision-making skills
  • Discuss Self-Control listing ways you can tell someone is under the influence and/or stories from the news relating to how substance abuse negatively affects peoples’ lives
  • Play the Dollar Jump, discuss difficulty in obtaining a desired goal when under the influence
  • Discuss how substance abuse incapacitates you as in being handicapped
  • Participate in “What is Most Important to Me” worksheet, defining priorities and understanding that loss of control affects your priorities
  • Assignments