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Self-discipline through personal boundaries will enable you to achieve your goals.


Self-discipline is necessary when keeping and reaching boundaries and goals. If one knows where he/she stands before a difficult situation occurs, he/she will be able to remain within his/her boundaries regardless of feelings that seem overwhelming – like anger or sexual excitement. It is important to understand that part of self-discipline is acknowledging mistakes and setting new boundaries in order to continue toward one’s goals. For example, those who have become sexually active can stop having sex and exercise self-control until marriage.


Students discuss boundaries that currently exist in their lives and learn how to set their own personal boundaries.

Students will:

  • Recognize that boundaries exist all around us in everyday life
  • Learn that setting boundaries is important to avoiding risk
  • Understand the need for boundaries in sexual relationships
  • Define “self discipline”

Activities: (these include review of the previous lesson and this lesson’s poster)

  • Discuss boundaries that students have in everyday life
  • Balloon Race and discussion of self-control
  • Marble Game and discussion of boundaries
  • Snowball Example
  • Steps to Intimacy use chart discussion
  • Self Discipline the redefinition
  • Fish out of Water boundaries demonstration
  • Renewed Virginity definition and discussion
  • Wisdom Bucket
  • Assignments include youth privately writing their Personal Boundaries List