Virtual Service Project?? Tell me more...

Dear Partners concerned for our flourishing youth,

Our work at Equipping Youth has been exciting as we continue teaching the lessons of Powerful Choices. Although COVID has kept some schools from receiving our lessons, others have welcomed this information. We are so grateful for each of you who donated to our work and kept our projects in your prayers.

Parents and other caregivers of adolescents play a key role in supporting and helping youth navigate adolescence as they transition toward adulthood. In this time of upheaval, it is important to establish regular routines for everyone. This is a challenge with schools closing, adolescents spending 24-7 in the home, and parents and caregivers working at home or unable to work.

To engage students in a service/community project, Equipping Youth is working with the North Linn CSD, Faith Academy, Cedar Valley Christian School, Maranatha Bible Church and Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition. This project will help relieve the fatigue of Covid19, give protective factors for youth, provide information about different resources, and help us improve the quality of our programming for students. After consulting with our partners, a “Happy Box” was designed that contains popcorn, hot chocolate, an incentive card, printed material, a parent survey, fun gadgets, games, candy bars and an information magnet. The first project will be at North Linn CDS in the first week of March. Our efforts will be encouraging for the schools, churches and communities, while giving us the ability to meet the requirements of our grants.

Our recent staff meetings and conferences have included information about the need for social and emotional intelligence. We have all suffered from the restrictions. Our schedules will fill and our patience will be challenged as the adolescents work at re-establishing their norm after COVID. Your continued partnership is essential for Equipping Youth to meet the challenges looming in the near future.

We sincerely appreciate each of you!

-Equipping Youth Team

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