Our Students Love Powerful Choices!

Updated: Feb 3

January 2021

You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes

Students have affirmed the first line of our poem with answers to questions at the end of a lesson series.

How can we improve Powerful Choices?

“You can’t everything was perfect!”

“I like it how it is now.”

“Talk more about courage. There are a lot of people that don’t have that much courage.”

“I think Powerful Choices answered all the questions I had. It doesn’t need to improve.”

What did you like about Powerful Choices?

“Your speakers were polite, and you guys just straight out told us what not to do.”

“It really does convince people to make good choices and how to make choices.”

“I learned more in this class than any other.”

“How we interacted a lot it wasn’t just a teacher saying stuff”

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

Equipping Youth has a pilot program emphasizing positive adult relationships with students. Our ‘Service Projects’ and ‘Parent/Community Meetings’ provide activities that involve youth with their families and community leaders. Because of the weariness of COVID we will provide a little fun for parents and students. Students will fill and take home a small box that includes fun items, snacks and information:

1) Suggestions for how to create fun family times.

2) Resource referral brochures for family assistance with emotional and physical needs.

3) Instructions for completing a ‘Parent Survey’ about their satisfaction with what we do, and how they think Powerful Choices lessons can improve.

This is our answer to creating virtual programs with a satisfying spin.

You’re on your own and you know what you know

Our staff has remained very busy, updating our curriculum, attending webinars and working with virtual platforms. We are continuing to teach our Powerful Choices lessons in the schools and youth groups as requested. We remain in touch with community partners and present our availability to educators. Our staff member, Shakira Releford, is serving in Family and Youth Services Bureau’s national conference planning. Attending state meetings for Adverse Childhood Events training, leadership and Sexual Risk Avoidance Education have helped us continue to improve the quality of our staffs’ ability to teach Powerful Choices.

And you are the one who’ll decide where you go. *Dr Seuss

Since July, Equipping Youth has continued offering to teach Powerful Choices. Some schools and youth groups have allowed us to teach in person and/or virtually. Many schools are struggling with the problems presented by COVID and meeting the educational needs of students while assisting their parents. With your partnership, Equipping Youth will steer in the right directioncontinuing to meet the needs of youth and their families in our communities.

With gratitude for your faithful partnership,

The Board and Staff of Equipping Youth


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