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Equipping Youth has a lending library of many more than of the following books listed.

Please call before coming in to make certain we are in: 319-861-2747

Powerful links for inquiring minds:

For information about books that are very informative and helpful: https://www.medinstitute.org/

Guidelines for reproductive health information by age: https://www.medinstitute.org/K-12_Guidelines_for_Sexual_Health_Education.pdf (it is a large PDF it takes time to load)

For the latest in diseases and recommendations (not necessarily concerning abstinence):http://www.cdc.gov/

A great site for parents:http://www.christianity.com/Home/Christian%20Living/Features/11579717/#13340824255471&0|11/4/2012%2010:27:05%20PM|z-index:%201002;%20width:%20619px;%20height:%20514px;%20margin-left:%20-309.5px;%20left:%2050%;%20top:%2070px;%20position:fixed;|nlst

Helpful Books: *(Highly recommended for parents of teens who need to start talking immediately)

Anonymous MD, (2006) Unprotected, New York, New York; Penguin Group

Chapman, Gary, (2000)  The Five Languages of Teenagers, Chicago, ILL; Northfield Publishing

*Feldhahn, Shaunti&Jeff. (2006) For Men Only, For Women Only, For Parents Only, Atlanta GA: Multnomah Books

Hager, W. David MD, FACOG, (2007) The Neglected Consequence of Adolescent Sexual Activity, Austin, TX; The Medical Institute, www.medinstitute.org

Hughes, Donna Rice and Campbell, Pamela T. (1998) Kids Online-Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House co.

The Institute for Youth Development (2002) America’s Youth: Measuring the Risk 4th Edition, Washington, DC; www.youthdevelopment.org

Johnson, Evelyn G. editor (2002) Sex Q & A Kids Questions- Parents’ Answers, Malibu, CA: National Physicians Center for Family Resources, www.physicianscenter.org/v1/index.php

the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)

Leahy, Michael. (2008) Porn Nation, Chicago, Ill: Northfield Publishing

*Lookado, Justin. (2008) The Dirt on Sex, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Revell of Baker Publishing Group

Maher, Bridget, editor, Benefits of Abstinence until Marriage, Washington D.C.: Family Research Council, 02/21/2006.

*McGee, Kathleen M. and Buddenburg, Laura J., Unmasking Sexual Con Games, Helping teens avoid emotional grooming and dating violence, 3rd Edition, Boys Town, NB; Boys Town Press.

*McIlhaney, Joe S. (1997) Sex, What You Don’t Know Can Kill You, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Rainey, Dennis & Barbara with Bruce Nygren, Parenting Today’s Adolescent, Helping Your Child Avoid the Traps of the Preteen and Teen Years, Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Medical Institute, Sex, Condoms and STDs: What We Now Know, Austin, TX; the Medical Institute  http://store.medinstitute.org/sex-condoms-and-stds-what-we-now-know-monograph/

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, Teen Dating Practices and Sexual Activity, National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse IX: 2006

National Prevention Information Network, STDs Today http://www.cdcnpin.org/scripts/std/std.asp