Equipping Youth

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Equipping Youth Board of Directors
Janice Gadberry, President

Cal Vaughn, Treasurer

Ena Garner, Secretary

Mandi Vaughn

Laurie Pieper, ARNP

Pat Semelroth

Office Manager
Paulette Kmetz

Executive Director
Ruth Anne Eccles, BSN, MSN


Goals of Equipping Youth

Equipping Youth programs afford youth the opportunity to develop skills that enable them to make the healthiest choices when faced with pressures to conform to risky behaviors prevalent among teens today.
Goals: To make all inclusive risk avoidance prevention education more accessible for youth
To teach youth the benefits they gain by avoiding negative consequence risk behaviors
To assist youth in making a commitment to save sexual relationships for their marriage

Activities of Equipping Youth

  • Positive Youth Development programs with a mentoring emphasis for at risk youth
  • Character and assets building education programs for children and adolescents
  • Coalition building activities to facilitate community members to work together toward common goals for youth
  • Prevention education programs (tobacco, alcohol and drug use)
  • Risk avoidance programs primarily teaching our ‘Powerful Choices’ curriculum
  • Workshops and professional development conferences for community leaders, educators and parents
  • Youth programming through collaborative efforts with other community agencies and organizations whose efforts and goals for youth are similar to Equipping Youth’s work
  • Web site for sharing the hopeful message of risk avoidance behaviors with youth; special sections to inform parents, teachers, and youth leaders as well as youth of their best choices
~September 2012