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July 25th, 2018 by Equipping Youth

Equipping Youth Goals and Activities 

Our fiscal year ended 6/31/2018; these are our updated goals for FYE 6/31/2019:


-Provide programming for youth and their families to enhance their ability to become more successful in their relationships as well as in school and their occupations.

Increase skills and assets in youth and their families that broaden their horizons encouraging positive character traits and awareness of consequences of their decisions and activities.

-Provide knowledge; insight, experience and understanding that contribute to personal successes now and in their futures.

Encourage communication and collaboration among members of youth’s families and their community.

-Join leaders of youth services, to address the needs of the community  and to enhance services to youth and families.


-Conduct Powerful Choices (PC) curriculum Teacher’s training; assisting with classes.

-Create venues for youth and their families such as conferences, parenting workshops, family activity nights, and projects for volunteer participation for increasing the protective factors of youth and community  betterment.

-Evaluate the various venues for personal and societal changes resulting from our programming.

-Provide educational and informational conferences for leaders and professionals  of youth serving organizations.


-At least a 20% increase in the number of participants, 12-19 years, who indicate they have chosen to avoid risk from behaviors that could result in negative consequences.

-Youth and their family members will indicate at least an increase of 20% being more comfortable talking with each other and/or doing it more often than previously as a result of our programming and venues (projects).

Community leaders who address the needs of youth and families will show a greater knowledge of the facts concerning youth risk behavior and demonstrate an increased ability and desire to exercise primary preventive measures as they serve them.