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March 7th, 2018 by Equipping Youth

February 2018
Stop Advantage Discrimination in our schools!
What is advantage discrimination? When administrators and teachers of our youth in schools and in off site
school rooms decide that youth need to have information that may discourage their greatest potential and
success, that is advantage discrimination.

Most evident of this type of discrimination is the sexual health
education prominent in so many of our classrooms, Sexual Risk Reduction, (SRR). The myth that nearly every
teen will have sex is the reason given for promoting the use of birth control to reduce the risk of becoming
pregnant or being infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease, (STD). These lessons normalize teen sexual
activity while teaching how to use birth control methods. There is danger in these instructions of leaving youth
vulnerable to the very consequences the lessons are to prevent youth from experiencing. There is only one
proven method of avoiding all consequences of sexual activity, abstinence from all sexual activity. In medical
terms reducing the risk through explicit education is secondary prevention of the diseases and consequences
that may follow teens throughout their life time. Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR) education does not give youth
the benefit of optimal health by choosing the best for themselves and their future family. Those who teach
protection other than complete avoidance of these consequences through abstinence are guilty of advantage
Ruth Anne Eccles BSN MSN
Executive Director of Equipping Youth