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November 1st, 2017 by Equipping Youth

Thanks from all of us at Equipping Youth for blessing us with your support. Your donations have encouraged us to maintain the passion and mission of serving our Iowa youth.  We are contacting our communities’ schools with an offer for training in-services for teachers and administrators. We have updated our curriculum to include personal nutrition/exercise and anti bullying concepts to meet the standards and requirements of the Health Classes for the Iowa Department of Education.

Here are some sites that could be helpful in talking to youth to guard them from some of the severe behavior consequences common among teens:  www.familyfirstaid.org    www.verywell.com                                                                       These sites include great suggestions of ‘how to talk with your teen’ to ‘dealing with teen’s self harm’. Your teen may benefit greatly by doing research together with you on these sites so they can help others and so they are able to converse with you about the hard things.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to care for our youth.      Ruth Anne Eccles, BSN, MSN

For your end of year donations: When planning your year end donations consider giving directly from your financial services without having to pay taxes on the amount you wish to donate. Speak with your financial adviser.  A check for your entire withdrawal can be sent directly to Equipping Youth of Sexual Health Education, Inc. by their office, giving you the entire amount as a deduction on your taxes.