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October 3rd, 2017 by Equipping Youth

Thanks from all of us at Equipping Youth for blessing us with your attendance at our event last week. Your donations have encouraged us to maintain the passion and mission of serving our Iowa youth.

Your Donations are Vital!

We have hired an Educator, Carolyn McCracken, to help with teaching in classrooms and to train teachers in the brain based methods of self discovery and discussion of our Powerful Choices Curriculum’s lessons.

Carolyn’s salary depends on additional monthly donations.

Powerful Choices lessons are presented as self discovery exercises and discussions of possible positive and negative consequences of choices. Our presentations emphasize which choices lead to best outcomes based on statistics and research in human behavior. The Powerful Choices lessons give data on the benefits of marriage for children and women. The benefits of waiting until marriage for intimate relationship activities are emphasized. Lessons give hope and resiliency in this culture of negative messages encouraging youth to enjoy immediate gratification and thrills with no thought of consequences.

Dr Freda McKissic Bush, our speaker at the event last week emphasized that we need to help youth to learn to use their head before using their bodies to communicate love and affection. She warned of the threat of pornography and graphic illustrations in today’s sex education and media. She explained how the brain itself is molded by sexual behavior. Her Book, HOOKED, sold out at the event. This book gives the results of neuroscience research that shows what happens between your ears daily and how it affects your behavior.

Partnering Opportunities Will you prayfully consider increasing your giving and consider being a volunteer for teaching, mailings, office work and fundraisers. With Carolyn’s assistance many more youth and teachers will benefit from our work and our need for volunteers will greatly increase.

We would love to visit with you concerning our availability to talk with your school administration or Board. We are available to public or private schools, youth groups, and are able to do one time presentations. Our presentations will challenge your youth in choosing to apply the precepts of biblical truth for their lives. An example is the following presentation especially for youth groups, retreats and Christian schools’ assemblies.


Beating the Con Games

Using PowerPoint slides and interactive demonstrations-discussions students are assisted in:

  1. Discussing media and social cons (lies) directed toward youth for monetary gain,
  2. Understanding the developmental stages of the maturing adolescent brain,
  3. Connecting teens’ use of stimulants, drugs and alcohol to lifetime negative consequences,
  4. Realizing the developing brain’s pathways form habits and chemical bonding from intimate relations,
  5. And making personal powerful choices to avoid the cons and to succeed in their future marriage relationship.


You may use the enclosed card to let us know what you have decided as you have prayfully considered your partnership with us. We would appreciate your name, phone number and e-mail address on the card so we may easily add you to our volunteer and/or donation spreadsheet.


May God bless you,                 For the Staff and Board of Equipping Youth,       Ruth Anne Eccles