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April 22nd, 2017 by Equipping Youth

Will the youth of Iowa be left without vital information to avoid ‘needing an abortion’?

Iowa Right to Life has great news in their recent letter. “The four Pro-Life measures before the House, sent over to the Senate will limit abortion in Iowa.”

This is great news for the many thousands of yet to be born children and teens;

However is the best sex education being taught in our schools?


Iowa’s current laws on this subject emphasize the need to teach children about the various methods of reducing the risk of pregnancy and SDIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). In the Human Sexuality Components of the Human Growth and Development for life skills education in our schools we need laws changed to enforce the teachings of the truth of the efficacy of these risk reduction methods. We also need laws that promote the teaching of how to totally avoid these risks.


Our current sexual education laws reflect the false but popular philosophy of the normalization of teens having sex because of the belief that most teens are engaged in sexual intimacy. This falsified philosophy has led to the idea that youth must be taught to reduce their risks; Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR) education, also known as comprehensive sex education. The children of Iowa desperately need Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) education also known as abstinence until marriage education. SRR education emphasizes the use of latex barrier prophylactics.

SRA education is the primary prevention education model. SRA education incorporates the ‘whole person’. Intimate relations result in consequences, positive and negative, to the whole human being. SRA lessons promote abstinence as the very best way of avoiding all negative consequences of sexual intimacy until marriage. These lessons incorporate the benefits of waiting until marriage, making wise choices concerning friendships, group dynamics, personal health, character development, avoiding violence and habit forming activities, how to deal with past and present childhood negative episodes, and   making future educational goals


For the past eight years proponents of SRR education have misused the laws of Iowa to claim that it is unlawful to teach Equipping Youth’s curriculum, Powerful Choices or any curriculum that teaches youth to choose ‘abstinence only’. Although this is false according to the law, 279.50, 10 and 11, most schools in Iowa have discontinued their lessons that had made a huge difference for the health of our youth. From the late 1990 until 2010 many school districts in Iowa taught abstinence to their students.   Iowa Vital Statistics showed that in 2010 our Iowa birth rate and abortion rate of unmarried teens dramatically fell to unprecedented levels. At the same time the Iowa Youth Behavior Surveys showed that much less than half of our youth ever had engaged in sexual activities. Currently these same statistics are showing a rapid increase. Iowa Public Health data is also showing an increase of the incidence of STIs among our youth.

Will you please challenge your legislators in Des Moines to go another step toward fulfilling the desperate needs of our children? Ask them to review the Human Sexuality Components of the Human Growth and Development requirements for education. They could start in sections 256 and 279. Ask them to review similar laws in states such as Georgia and Wisconsin for improvement ideas for our Iowa laws.


For information to help for parents in this culture see our website www.equippingyouth.org


Your donations make it possible for us to remain available to the youth of our communities.

May God bless you and yours!

For the Staff and Board of Equipping Youth                   Ruth Anne