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June 7th, 2016 by Equipping Youth


PORN Rewires the Brain

Guard you mind and your children’s minds. Porn causes a chemical response that actually can change the way a person thinks. The arousal accompanied by viewing erotic images can cause powerful addictions making it very difficult to subdue the ‘need’ for more porn. Here are some tips for keeping your thoughts pure from Human Life Magazine, Just for Guys and Just for Girls, 2014-0215:

  • Admit this is a difficult thing to do
  • Be careful what you watch
  • Exercise daily
  • Be aware of the lyrics of the music you listen to
  • Be aware of how you think and speak about the opposite sex
  • Stay clear of porn in the media, TV, internet, and elsewhere
  • Set goals and chart a path of success for your relationships
  • Train yourself to seek things other than sexual appeal and/or gratification

Share these tips with your youth. They are craving input from you. If you wish to obtain a copy of the magazine and other beneficial materials see www.humanlife.org

Equipping Youth is available for you  We will come to do your school chapel time or a longer presentation for a special youth group event using a  faith based program: Beating the Con Games.  PowerPoint slides and demonstrations assist students in:

  • Discussing media and social cons (lies),
  • Understanding the adolescent brain,
  • Connecting teens’ use of stimulants, drugs and alcohol to lifetime negative consequences,
  • Realizing the methods of forming habits,
  • The brain’s chemical bonding reaction to sexual intimacy,
  • And how to make personal Powerful Choices to avoid the ‘cons’ and to save their intimacy for marriage.