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June 7th, 2016 by Equipping Youth

Selective focus on the word "knowledge". Many more word photos in my portfolio...


Parents can help keep their children safe online by teaching them about its’ dangers and how to make wise decisions.

  1. Communication is key. Establish an ongoing dialogue about internet use, and keep lines of communication open. Let them know you care enough to keep reading their communications
  2. Supervise use of all Internet-enabled devices. Regularly check the online communities your children use, such as social networking and gaming sites, to see what information they are posting.
  3. Establish an agreement with your children about Internet use both at home and outside of the home. Have everyone in the family sign it.
  4. Periodically check your child’s online activity by viewing their browser’s history.
  5. Set time limits on computer use (not just internet use) and consider using time-limiting software.
  6. Do not allow your children and teens to take their phones or tablets to bed with them.
  7. Let your children know that you care enough about their safety to set a standard that will keep them safe.