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March 8th, 2016 by Equipping Youth

January 2016

Thank you for caring about giving the hopeful message of abstinence until marriage to our youth.

Many of the youth participating in Powerful Choices lessons gave their input about the lessons in a voluntary survey. Reading through their responses to the open ended questions greatly encouraged us. We wanted you to have a few of their responses to encourage you too. These surveys were from eighth grade students. Here are a few comments from several hundred we collected from several different schools

What did you like about Powerful Choices?

“Reminds me of the type of person I want to be.”

“It’s fun to learn about some things I did not think about before.”

“It has helped me with some of the choices I am making now.”

“I liked that it tells you, like, what to look out for.”

“Learning about how life has risks and what we can do in those risks.”

“It taught me to take control of my life and not to let others control my choices.”

Their favorite lesson was Choose Knowledge. This lesson discusses the physical and psychological consequences of becoming intimate before marriage; especially if with multiple partners. The lessons Choose Boundaries and Choose Courage were also favorites. Setting personal boundaries to stay clear of habits and friends that could jeopardize their futures was a lesson learned by many respondents. The Courage lesson taught about con games that some people play to get from you what they want without much or no regard for your welfare.

What is the best reason for you to choose to remain abstinent until marriage?

“Because you could end up ‘Pergo’ and having a kid with someone you really don’t care for that much.”

“Because I am too young for that. We do not make wise choices and take too many risks when so young.”

“Cause it is the best choice for me.”

“I want to save myself for the person that I love and who loves me for always.”

Thank you to the volunteers who helped this month with sorting all of the curriculum materials, mailings, tax letters and cleaning the new office space.


Ruth Anne