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March 8th, 2016 by Equipping Youth


If you are not aware of what your child is learning in Life Skills or Health classes, you should ask to look at the curriculum and the outline of what they have been taught and are going to receive yet this school year. The Iowa Department of Education requires that Middle Schools in Iowa teach sexuality education in their ‘Life Skills’ or similar classes. All children deserve to receive the truth about the benefits of choosing abstinence. The fact that nearly 75% of youth 15-19 in Iowa have chosen to remain abstinent from the risk behaviors that often bring lifetime negative and miserable consequences is most often overlooked by sexuality instructors. Talk to your school about the proven curriculum, Powerful choices that we have available for them.

We are available for teachers’ training at the schools that ask for our assistance. Powerful Choices lessons for each of the three years of middles school meet all of the recommended state and national standards and benchmarks for Health Classes with the exception of Nutrition. We are available to come to your school to talk informally with PE and Sex Education teachers about how they may use the three series of lessons of Powerful Choices for their entire population of 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. We are available to help start the lessons by teaching the first several of each grade level so the teacher will understand how to assist the youth in self discovery learning through demonstrations and activities rather than lecture and videos.

Equipping Youth with Powerful Choices lessons recognize that students respond to hearing the whole story about abstinence. The lessons are based on facts. The interactive games, discussions and illustrations grab the students’ attention, which helps them to discover the truths of the hopeful benefits of choosing abstinence and of building character into their lives.

The students’ journaling after each class confirms what they have learned. They share new revelations including recognizing the need to set boundaries before drinking or being in pressing situations with peers. They become equipped to choose what their best option is and how not to be manipulated.

Equipping Youth with Powerful Choices’ parent component welcomes them as a team member with the school, encouraging their child to make powerful choices. These take home pages give opportunity for the family to talk about the topics of the lessons. Parents are encouraged to share their challenges of school aged friendships and to listen to their student tell about his or her personal goals for life and the cares they have concerning school related issues.

Equipping Youth with Powerful Choices has the message that every child needs. Help us to deliver it to as many as possible. Have several of the other parents from your school become acquainted with our curriculum and then go together to your school to make it possible for your children to know the benefits of remaining abstinent from premature intimate relationships and the associated problems of becoming involved in drugs and alcohol.

Ruth Anne Eccles