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May 18th, 2015 by Equipping Youth

April 2015

Dear Friends of Equipping Youth,

We finished teaching Powerful Choices lessons for 100 8th graders last month in a rural community school. Several of the students asked me if we will come again for them. I had to reply that at this time we do not have lessons for 9th grade.   Our series of lessons are for the 6th 7th and 8th grades. These inquiring students had our lessons taught throughout their Middle School years. Their comments were:

“It’s very helpful to have the Powerful Choices lessons because they show us the truth about things that affect our lives.

We love learning about how to make good friends and how to make our own boundaries for keeping out of trouble.

We need Powerful Choices lessons for a reminder of what we really want to choose.”

 With additional help we could development lessons for High School students. We here at Equipping Youth are grateful for each of you who generously support us financially each month. Please consider what you might be able to do to make this possible for the youth in our communities.

Prom Night is also just around the corner. Getting ready for Prom night can be very exciting. Many teens have their first dress up date for this event.

Here are some guidelines for teens to remain safe on a date:

Dating Safety Guidelines

  1. keep a cell phone with you
  2. have enough cash to get home in a taxi
  3. have someone you call when you change locations all evening
  4. learn some self defense moves
  5. get to know your friend in group settings first before you date
  6. let your date know your boundaries early
  7. trust your instincts, if things don’t feel right, get out of the situation
  8. protect yourself if you are attacked (go for the eyes, kick, bite)
  9. make noise if you are being threatened by someone
  10. run away, hide, do whatever — don’t worry about looking silly
  11. stay sober, that is the best way to remain safe on a date

Dating Definitions:

Abstinence:   Refraining from all sexual activity

Recommit to Purity:   Choose from this moment on to remain sexually pure until marriage

Purity:   Saving yourself mentally, emotionally and physically until marriage and, after you are married, remaining faithful to your spouse. Human Life Alliance

Thank you to all who donated to Equipping Youth at the Good Friday Prayer Breakfast recently. We were blessed by your response. Thank you for helping us financially to continue to share the truth of righteous living with many teens.When we tell teens that we rely on donations from people who care about their lives, they are very quiet and then often start to clap or stand and say thank you to you. Thank you for caring,

Ruth Anne Eccles, BSN, MSN,  for the volunteer staff and Directors of Equipping Youth