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January 15th, 2014 by Equipping Youth

HAPPY NEW YEAR! January 2014
We wish for you the joy, hope, and peace of our Lord in this New Year!

Thanks from all of us at Equipping Youth for helping us to maintain the
passion and mission of serving the youth in our communities in 2013.

Wow, we already assisted five schools in 2014 and are scheduled in classrooms through February.

Thank You to our partners!
Without federal or state grants our projects with the public schools and
youth incarceration facilities depends on your donations.
Every dollar donated pays for materials for programming and office space and
supplies. Your donation is an investment into the lives of our youth of this
community. We appreciate your trust in us to make that investment multiply
resulting in young adults who demonstrate integrity and self discipline.
Your Donations are Vital!

What Does Powerful Choices Curriculum Teach?
Equipping Youth lessons are presented as self discovery exercises and
discussions of possible positive and negative consequences of choices. Our
presentations emphasize which choices lead to best outcomes based on
statistics and research in human behavior. The Powerful Choices lessons give
data on the benefits of marriage for children and women, and on the benefits
of waiting until marriage for intimate relationship activities. Research
shows that teens continue to say parent(s) are their number one source of
information concerning sexual activity. Therefore, Equipping Youth provides
take home worksheets for nearly every lesson so the parent(s) and child can
discuss the topic and information from that specific lesson. Our desire is
that parents will find the worksheets useful in opening conversations that
will benefit their child and encourage a communication that will continue
for years.

Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact me regarding teaching, mailings, fundraisers, office filing, phoning and other needs.
School Assembly and Youth Group Presentations Available

We have several presentations that will assist you in challenging your youth in choosing to apply the precepts of biblical truth for their lives. An example is the following presentation that has been used for several Christian schools’ assemblies.

Beating the Con Games
Using PowerPoint slides and interactive demonstrations-discussions students
are assisted in:
1. Discussing media and social cons (lies) directed toward youth for
monetary gain,
2. Understanding the developmental stages of the maturing adolescent brain,
3. Connecting teens’ use of stimulants, drugs and alcohol to lifetime
negative consequences,
4. Realizing the methods of the brain’s development of pathways for forming
habits and its chemical bonding reaction to intimacy,
5. And making personal powerful choices to avoid the cons and to save sex
for marriage.
May God bless you and yours!
For the Staff and Board of Equipping Youth,
Ruth Anne Eccles

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