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November 28th, 2013 by Equipping Youth

Dr. Gerry Barker Wins Best of the Best again!

Dr. Gerry Barker has won the Best of the Best award at our annual Men Who Cook event three times. His Baklava is a favorite of many guests. If you missed this year’s tasty fundraiser, you missed some fantastic culinary treats. We thank the men who cooked.

Our Chefs for Men Who Cook 2013 were:
Appetizers: Neil Happel and Dick Semelroth
Soups /Salads: Ryan Long, Jerry Eccles and Josh Spang.
Entrées: Rick Long, Jon Long, Jerry Eccles, Ted Biderman and Winston Sanders.
Desserts: Drew Gadberry, Cal Vaughn, Gerry Barker and Dick Semelroth.

And the winners are:
Appetizer: Neil Happel – Stuffed Pablano Peppers
Soup/Salad: Ryan Long – Caesar Salad with Mesquite Grilled Chicken
Entr̩e: Jon Long РBreakfast Stromboli
Dessert: Dr. Gerry Barker – Baklava

For your encouragement and renewed faith in our youth read the following comments from incarcerated youth who were participants in our lessons:

“I liked that they told us we may have made some bad choices, but that we have the power to change and choose better.”

“Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking your time to spend with us. It makes me feel amazed that you care so much.”

“I heard about things that I have problems with and was taught how I can change them.”

“I wish you guys would have come to me earlier, like teach me when I was younger, because I’ve done everything you said not to do. I wish I had the knowledge you gave sooner.”

“I learned that everything about my life is my future, I have the decisions and it is my choice. I loved this group! Thanks for the opportunity.”

Your Year end Donation – An investment in our youth

(donations postmarked by Dec. 31, 2013 are tax deductable in 2013)

 Matching gifts are often available through companies and employers. Ask your company if there is a matching program available.
 A non-cash gift such as stocks, bonds, real estate or any item of value benefits you as you give. Equipping Youth may receive the whole amount of the value of your gift before taxes and you receive the whole value for your tax deduction. Ask your tax preparer or stock broker about this. Call us for our investment number.
 Wills and bequests including Equipping Youth of Sexual Health Education, Inc. as a beneficiary continues your partnership with us into the future. When making your estate plans, also consider life insurance premiums, retirement plans and trusts as possible ways of giving.
 A United Way Designation at your place of employment will benefit Equipping youth of Sexual Health Education, Inc. when you give with your company. Contact your office for the correct form. Confirm your donation with us so we can insure that we receive your United Way donations.
Spread the News that Powerful Choices curriculum and community assistance for the needs of youth throughout Iowa is available. If you hear of even one person interested in having Powerful Choices in their community or school, have them contact us. We remain available to all who are concerned for the lifetime success of their youth.

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