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July 9th, 2013 by Equipping Youth

Dear Friends,

In January the 100 youth who participated in the Powerful Choices lessons responded to questions on a survey for internal evaluation (how the material was accepted). Most students asked for more lessons or more time with each. Such as:

Have these classes more often.”

Their answers to the questions for our evaluation show their  thoughtful insight:.

What did you like about Powerful Choices?

Keep up the good work. I hope that Powerful Choices keeps teaching kids for a long time.”

Taught me about life and how I can be successful. Good speakers!”

It taught me many things that will help me throughout life and to make good choices.”

It helped me figure the outcomes of good and bad (consequences) of life (choices).”

Which lesson taught you the most?

Choose Ambition because it taught me to chase my goals and to never give up.”

Ambition taught me how to think of my future (when making decisions).

Choose Control because it showed me how if even the slightest thing is off (in my brain) it can affect me greatly.”

Self-control lesson because you don’t have to mess up your future marriage (with substance abuse).”

Choose Awareness because it taught us how to be cautious of what could happen (with choices).”

The lessons (Wisdom and Awareness) where we learned about consequences.”
What is the best reason for you to choose to remain abstinent until marriage?

So you can have a great relationship (with your spouse).”

So when you have a kid they are not stuck in the middle.”

So you don’t get a disease and get pregnant.”

Because you could ruin your ‘hole live’ before you even start it.”

See the Powerful Choices section of this site for details of the lessons.

Meet some of our volunteer teachers:

Joshua Spang, a single father, challenges the participants of Choose Courage to stand up for their beliefs. He helps the students discover that they can use assertiveness to bring truth and courage to others especially in potentially aggressive or violent situations.

Jerry Eccles, a retired engineer, assists students in discovering what happens to decision making if under substance influence; the Choose Control lesson.

Paulette Kmetz, a vivacious grandmother, compassionately shares the first lesson defining risk, Choose Wisdom.

Collaborating with BridgeHaven:

Last summer the prevention specialist, Trisha Sellers, worked with us to pilot the Biblical Application Powerful Choices Series 2. As fast as I wrote each of the 40 lessons, she taught them for one of the sites of Marion Cares after school programming. Recently she requested and acquired Equipping Youth’s Powerful Choices materials for teaching at a school that had contacted her for  sexuality lessons. We are   thankful to have BridgeHaven assist with our efforts to continue to meet the demand for Powerful Choices lessons in our community.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission. We rely totally on individual and business donations for our work.
Ruth Anne



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