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September 19th, 2012 by Equipping Youth

Funding Disparity 2012-13

Linn County Teen Births at an all Time Low

According to 2010 Vital Statistics of Iowa, only 7.6% of out-of-wedlock live births in Linn County were to girls under 20 years of age; compared to 20.6% for the same age group in all of Iowa. Linn County has had Powerful Choices taught in Middle Schools since 2002. During the past seven years, more than 30,000 youth have been taught this curriculum. U of I research has proven that Powerful Choices changes teens’ behavior.

Powerful Choices curriculum brings positive benefits for youth in our communities of Iowa. According to research done during 2008 -10, of the effects of Powerful Choices lessons, significant differences were found among the participants of Powerful Choices classes who chose abstinence compared to students in the control schools. As expected, with fewer youth having sex, teen pregnancies in Linn County are at an all time low. Equipping Youth’s research proves the worth of Powerful Choices lessons. Abstinence education offers freedoms from more than teen pregnancy; Sexually Transmitted Infections cause heartbreaking consequences including inability to have children later, life time virus infections and even death, not to mention the heartbreak of having such infections and the emotional effects of breaking up over again. In addition the lessons teach youth to make goals, choose friends wisely, avoid using drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and how to be peacemakers.

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