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September 11th, 2012 by Equipping Youth

A Comment on Abstinence by Kelli Klaus                                       September 12, 2012

of the touchiest, most tip-toed around issue in the world today is
the choice of abstinence until marriage.   As the world becomes more
tolerant, accepting, and even encouraging of promiscuous behavior,
Christians are hard-pressed to remain strong in their stand of
remaining pure until their wedding night.   And then beyond that, to
stay faithful throughout their marriage.   The issue is often
overlooked, though, because of the possible embarrassment that may
arise when parents give “the talk” to their children, so
instead teenagers receive the secular world’s “YOLO”
message to live life to the fullest and do everything you can to have
a good time.   It is so critical that the road of increased teen
pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotionally scarred
lives not be traveled anymore.

has numbed its people to the severeness of infidelity.   Through the
mediums of sitcoms, movies, media, comedians, magazines, and music,
the world laughs, jokes, and nonchalantly comments about casual sex.
The lives of real, ordinary people are transformed as they adopt the
pattern portrayed on television that sex is no big deal, has no
consequences, whether physical, emotional, or relational, and is
totally normal and fine to do out of a healthy, marriage setting.

of all, sex is a big deal.   God created it to be the most intimate
union any two people can have, and it was made to be between a
husband and wife.   Reproduction (and namely, more humans made to
glorify God) was the purpose for Him creating the act.   To shrug off
its importance is to discredit Almighty God’s workmanship.

say there are no after-effects to sex outside of marriage is one of
the most offensive lies culture has conjured.   It is offensive
because it questions and manipulates our intelligence.   Common sense
says there are going to be consequences to such an action, yet when
the lie is so easily believed, one must wonder as to our mental
capacity.   The obvious physical results of sex outside of marriage
are unexpected pregnancy and STD’s.   The emotional and relational
consequences are often overlooked because they’re not as in the open
as the physical effects.   However, they are what drive people to keep
looking for approval in all the wrong places and to continue in their
promiscuous behavior.   The regret, hurt, pain, embarrassment, and
entire range of emotions felt by a person can be overbearing.   The
soiled reputation and lost relationships are also disregarded many
times yet felt heavily by the victim.

was very strict in His Word about the right time and setting for
physical intimacy.   In Hebrews 13:4 he says that, “Marriage
should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God
will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”   He knew
the hurts it would cause if the act were taken out of its purposed
place.   Yet God is always full of love, forgiveness, and compassion,
and He always offers the chance for deep-felt redemption.

disobedience to God’s Word and possible outcomes mentioned above are
the primary reasons that this trend must change.   Life would be
simpler, easier, and more peaceful if this destructive road were
traveled less.   Why?   Because that is how God intended for life to
be, that was “Shalom” in the Garden.   The message needs to
be relayed about how important it is that this commonality become a
rare occurrence.

need to make the teaching of sexual integrity a priority in their
life; whether it’s parents enlightening their children about God’s
truth or a friend being a wise counselor to someone they see
struggling in this area.   There are organizations all over the
country with the purpose to inform teens about this issue, encourage
them in their choices, and mentor them about past decisions.   One
such group is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with the title of
Prevention Services.   They focus on bringing the message of sexual
integrity to middle schools, high schools, and colleges in the area.
By being a peer-to-peer mentoring group, teens already feel at ease
when someone their age walks into their health education classroom to
talk to them about sex.   The students have an instant reverence and
respect for the speaker who is revealing such vulnerabilities and
honesties when sharing why they have chosen to save sex for their
marriage.   This involvement by dedicated teenagers to wait until
marriage and then to encourage others to do the same is so important
and could turn this issue around.

is sacred and precious and needs to remain in the context that it was
originally created for.   Although the world says it’s normal, fun,
and right to do what you want when you want to, the Lord challenges
us to have self-control.   By having patience for His plan to work out
in our lives, we’ll be ultimately blessed because He has the absolute
best and most beautiful desires for us.   Romans 12:2 accurately sums
up how we are to live, in complete trust in and reliance on God, yet
also doing our part to be in this world but not of it.   “Do not
be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your
mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect
will of God.”

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