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Men Who Cook 2013 was a resounding success!

A huge thank you to Dean Borg of IPTV’s Iowa Press program for enhancing understanding of Equipping Youth’s mission.  His interview of three volunteers that have used the curriculum in various capacities informed and entertained.

See snapshots on the news page.

Equipping Youth

With the skills to succeed
in life and in marriage
Encouraging Teens:
YES, save sex for marriage
YES, set goals for your future
YES, you can live a happy, successful, healthy life
YES, avoid negative consequences of dangerous risks today
YES, choose friends who encourage positive actions
Yes, you and only you can make your own


Equipping Youth

What do we do?
Equipping Youth is a non-profit organization committed to promoting character education through our Powerful Choices abstinence program for youth and their families. Equipping Youth collaborated with local community schools and organizations to develop programming for youth in Eastern Iowa.
The main objective of Equipping Youth is to encourage adolescents to make healthy choices through character-based risk avoidance education.

Equipping Youth provides:

  • Powerful Choices curriculum and training in teaching this innovative program
  • Character education programs for children and adolescents
  • Coalition building activities to help facilitate communities  to find their common goals for their youth and to meet the challenges of their youth with positive youth development programs
  • Abstinence until marriage programs
  • Workshops and conferences for community leaders, educators and parents
  • Youth programming in collaborative efforts with other community agencies and organizations
  • Educational materials and resources
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